Redaction Weekly: Climate crisis calling

AT the end of October, national leaders from across the globe will convene in Glasgow for the COP26 summit on climate change.

The stakes for the climate emergency facing humanity remain high, with the declaration of “code red for humanity” being issued following an August IPCC report.

However, in spite of IPCC recommendations to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels, the fight against climate change has been mired with difficulty.

While in office former US President Donald Trump announced his nation’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, potentially making America a global pariah in regards to climate policy.

Although this move was revoked by Biden, it set a worrying precedent for hostility to progressive climate action by the highest office holders in the world.

Action from China, the world’s largest C02 emitter, would also be vital to keep global temperatures from hitting catastrophic levels, just President Xi Jinping has yet to confirm that he will even attend COP26.

Relations between the West and China have been frosty over the past 18 months, in the wake of the pandemic, increasing militarisation and China’s human rights abuses.

With regards the latter, protestors took a stand outside the Chinese Embassy in London this past week to stand in solidarity with the oppressed Uyghur minority.

Pictures: Human rights activists protest outside London Chinese Embassy

Protestors also took to the streets across the UK last weekend for solidarity with Hong Kong, with Labour MP Nadia Whittome delivering a speech at the demonstration in Nottingham.

British Labour MP criticises China’s actions in Hong Kong as moves to ‘crush dissent and stifle political freedom’

Elsewhere, Poland’s right wing Law and Justice regime has come under criticism for its record on women’s rights, with an Amnesty International campaigner saying: “Polish law makers are threatening to make the country less safe for women and girls.”

Activists urge the Polish government to redefine rape

Featured Image: Pixabay

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