Boris Johnson impersonator to stand in North Shropshire by-election

By James Moules

AN ANTI-SLEAZE campaigner and Boris Johnson impersonator is set to stand in the upcoming by-election in North Shropshire.

Drew Galdron will stand for the Rejoin EU Party in the election – bringing his impression of Prime Minister to the campaign trail.

The election was called following the resignation of Conservative MP Owen Paterson, who stood down in the wake of a ruling by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards that he had broken lobbying rules.

The case has sparked a wider debate around lobbying roles and second jobs held by Members of Parliament.

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Rejoin EU Party chair Andrew Smith said: “As the other parties have failed to work together to highlight the rise of sleaze in Westminster we felt compelled to stand a candidate who will ensure the reason this by election has been called is not forgotten.

“And of course we’re still the only party in this election focusing on the biggest issue facing the UK – the disaster that is Brexit.”

The Rejoin EU has contested several by-elections this year, including those in Chesham & Amersham, Batley & Spen, and leader Richard Hewison is also standing in the upcoming poll in Old Bexley and Sidcup.

The North Shropshire by-election is set to be held December 16, 2021.

Featured Image: Rejoin EU Party

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