WATCH: The New Liberals on MMT, Macron-style populism and being an insurgent party in Australian politics

VICTOR Kline sat down with Redaction Report with one clear message – Australia must be rid of the Labor-LNP duopoly.

The parties have ruled for too long in such a dishonest manner, The New Liberals Leader said – and it’s time Australian voters tried something different.

Whether it be Modern Monetary Theory, a federal anti-corruption commission or candidates who aren’t career politicians, The New Liberals are certainly doing things differently ahead of the next Australian Federal Election.

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To Kline, the inspiration is Liberal Prime Minister Robert Menzies. The current Liberals are a world away from the former Australian PM – and aren’t “liberal” in any sense of the word. That’s why he spearheaded the creation of the new party.

But they’re not only aiming to be a protest vote. Australia’s preferential voting system allows fringe parties to be put on top of the voting list without any chance of a vote being ‘wasted’. It means that the party, only formed in 2019, is immediately hoping for seats in the Australian parliament.

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Featured Image: Pixabay

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