Redaction Report best articles of the year roundup – part one

2021 has been a stellar year for Redaction Report – we’ve expanded our content substantially since 2020, bringing you more fresh, independent journalism to read, watch and listen to.

As we approach the end of the year, here is a selection of some of our favourite articles we’ve featured in 2021.

Welsh independence: Covid-19 pandemic has ‘shaken people’s belief’ in Westminster, activist says

In the UK, each of the four home nations has handled Covid separately, with devolved powers allowing Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland greater flexibility in their response.

Our editor James Moules spoke to Siôn Jobbins, chair of the pro-Welsh independence pressure group YesCymru about his belief that the Welsh Parliament’s Covid policies have given the people greater faith in Wales as a nation.

What we can learn from Dutch housing activists

September saw thousands take to the streets of the Netherlands in a housing protest – aiming to secure better market regulation on the Dutch housing sector.

Wallis Grant contacted people involved in the protests, reflection on what lessons can be learned from their activism.

The Pope’s visit to Mosul is an opportunity for the city to break with its past

To many casual observers, Iraq is a country synonymous with conflict.

The country has been ravaged by numerous wars over the past few decades – culminating in much of the nation, including the historic city of Mosul, being occupied by ISIS for several years until 2017.

Our reported Kit Roberts spoke to Omar Mohammad, also known as Mosul Eye, about the significance of Pope Francis’ visit to the city – and its regeneration following years of devastation.

Chemical castration isn’t the answer to Pakistan’s sexual violence crisis

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan proposed new anti-rape laws in late 2020, including the option of chemical castration for serial offenders.

However, the measures have been met with some criticism. Reporter Josie O’Brien spoke to critics of the idea about the problems it raises.

UK government must offer Hong Kong asylum seekers immediate citizenship – activist

The Hong Kong protests of 2019-20 frequently made international headline news.

As the Chinese Communist Party tightens its grip on the region, pro-democracy activists have become increasingly vocal.

Editor James Moules interviewed a Hong Kong activist calling on the UK government to fast track Hong Kongers living in Britain to citizenship.


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Until then, Happy Christmas!

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