Redaction Report book review roundup 2021 – part two

FOLLOWING on from last week’s part one of our annual book review roundup, here are some more books we reviewed during 2021.

‘Futures of Socialism’ by Grace Blakeley

Following the defeats of Jeremy Corbyn in Britain and Bernie Sanders in the United States, the socialist left in both countries has been left feeling demoraised.

But in ‘Futures of Socialism’ Tribune writer Grace Blakeley complies 28 essays by various authors to consider what’s next.

She told Redaction: “Without the ability to gather together, discuss events and develop a collective understanding of them, it was more important than ever to bring together thinkers from across the left to reflect on this historical juncture.”

Read the review here: Grace Blakeley talks ‘Futures of Socialism’ in the wake of Corbyn and Sanders’ defeat

‘The Trial of Henry Kissinger’ by Christopher Hitchens

2021 marked 10 years since the death of author and famed contrarian Christopher Hitchens.

Though many on the left soured to Hitchens following his support for the Iraq War in 2003, some of his polemics still stand the test of time, including his 2001 classic ‘The Trial of Henry Kissinger’.

Our editor James Moules reflected on the book to mark what would have been his 72nd birthday back in April.

Read the review here: A classic political polemic – ‘The Trial of Henry Kissinger’ by Christopher Hitchens

‘Jews Don’t Count’ by David Baddiel

Comedian David Baddiel takes a look at the blind spot among some anti-racists to anti-Semitism in his new book.

He examines the phenomenon of left wing anti-Semitism, why it exists and how it manifests itself.

Our reporter Kit Roberts reviewed the book.

Read the review here: A look at anti-Semitism on the left – ‘Jews Don’t Count’ by David Baddiel

‘Go Big’ by Ed Miliband

Former UK Labour leader Ed Miliband, who led the party to defeat in the 2015 general election, opined to the Guardian recently that he “wasn’t bold enough.”

His election manifesto was somewhat tepid. But in his new book, Miliband sets out a bold progressive vision for Britain’s future.

Read the review here: A belated progressive manifesto – ‘Go Big’ by Ed Miliband

Featured Image: Pixabay

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