Redaction Report video roundup 2021

THIS year, we’ve made great progress with expanding our Redaction Report video output.

To celebrate the end of 2021, here are a few of our best video episodes of the past year.

Debate: Should the United Kingdom seek to rejoin the European Union?

Brexit was one of the defining issues of the 2010s in Britain – and for many the debate still rages on.

We featured a debate between Richard Hewison, leader of the Rejoin EU Party, and journalist Declan Carey on whether the UK should rejoin the European Union.

What is the North-South divide?

In the UK, the economic and cultural gap between the north and the south of England remains an everlasting political issue.

Our team took a look at what this divide means and how both major political parties in the UK have sought to appeal to the north in recent elections.

Should New Zealand become a republic?

Barbados hit international news this year as the most recent nation to abandon monarchy in favour of becoming a republic.

Our editor James Moules spoke to the campaign New Zealand Republic, who believe their nation should follow suit.

How to fix the Labour Party

The UK Labour Party has been in crisis since the loss of the 2019 election – its worst general election result since 1935.

Left wing leader Jeremy Corbyn led the party into the election, but under the more centrist Keir Starmer, the party has still failed to make substantial electoral inroads.

James Moules was joined by journalist Matt Trinder to discuss where it’s all going wrong for Labour.

The New Liberals Leader Victor Kline on how his insurgent party will smash the LNP-Labor duopoly

Australians are set to head to the polls next year for a federal election.

Redaction Report spoke to the leader of a small new party aiming to make a name for itself in the upcoming poll.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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