Wales’ first openly non-binary mayor joins socialist Breakthrough Party

By Redaction Reporter

THE MAYOR of a Welsh city, who became the world’s first openly non-binary city mayor last year, has signed up to a young British socialist party.

Owen Hurcum, Mayor of Bangor, publicly switched their party allegiance to the Breakthrough Party today, making them the party’s first mayor.

The Breakthrough Party is a democratic socialist party set up by former Labour activists disillusioned with Keir Starmer’s leadership.

Hurcum previously sat on Bangor City Council as an independent, having left the Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru in 2021.

They said: “I have previously said that there is no party in the UK that is fundamentally progressive on all fronts – this, however, is not the case.

“Having researched Breakthrough and spoken with their leaders, I see this party as the future of the progressive left and it is one I couldn’t help but want to be involved with.

“Breakthrough stands for what all progressive parties should strive for – not just ousting the Tories but getting socialists in at all levels of government.

“I’m excited to be a part of this party and that process.”

The Breakthrough Party was founded in January 2021 by Alex Mays, who is now the party’s official leader.

He said: “We are absolutely delighted that Owen has joined Breakthrough and put their faith in our party. 

“Owen’s work over the years has been inspirational, having touched the lives of countless LGBTQ+ people in Wales and beyond with their vocal advocacy for the community and showing that queer people can achieve big in politics.”

While it has never won a seat in local or national government as of January 2022, three local councillors across England defected to the Breakthrough Party during 2021.

It has also entered into an alliance of other left wing groups including the Northern Independence Party, Left Unity and the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition.

Featured Image: Owen Hurcum (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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