Labour councillor defects to Breakthrough Party, slamming ‘unfathomable’ Wakeford decision

By James Moules

A KENT councillor has switched allegiance to a recently founded socialist party while blasting the decision of Labour to allow former Conservative MP Christian Wakeford to join the party.

Jonathan A. Graham of Folkestone Town Council has become the latest councillor to join the Breakthrough Party – a new democratic socialist party founded in 2021.

Graham expressed his dissatisfaction with Keir Starmer’s leadership of the Labour Party as the reason for his decision to defect.

He said: “I cannot, in good conscience, stay in an undemocratic and unsocialist party. I have no confidence in Keir Starmer’s leadership or the direction he and his disastrous team are taking Labour.

“Starmer has moved to the right and abandoned class politics, embracing failed public relationship stunts and appealing to banks and big businesses.”

He also bemoaned the welcoming of ex-Conservative MP Christian Wakeford to the Labour Party.

“It is unfathomable that Christian Wakeford can be allowed to join Labour.

“We rightly talk about holding the Conservative government to account for lying, but we also need to hold Keir Starmer to account for not keeping his leadership pledges.”

The Breakthrough Party, which aims to offer a new home to Labour socialists similarly disillusioned with the current leadership, was founded by Alex Mays in 2021.

It is a part of the People’s Alliance of the Left, which also includes the Northern Independence Party and the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Graham said: “When speaking to Breakthrough Party leader Alex Mays, I heard a passionate person who shares many of my views. I see the Breakthrough Party as a pioneer left party — a party that can hold both centrists and the right to account.”

Welcome Graham to the party, Mays said: “When I spoke to Jonathan his passion, energy and commitment to his community really stood out.

“He’s young, ambitious and full of ideas, with a strong focus on issues that are close to our hearts, including environmentalism and empowering the vulnerable and the marginalised.”

Following Graham’s defection, the Breakthrough Party now has five representatives on councils across the UK.

The most recent addition was Owen Hurcum, Mayor of Bangor, who joined in January 2022.

Christian Wakeford’s office and the Labour Party were contacted for comment.

Featured Image: Breakthrough Party

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