Cost-of-living crisis makes public ownership of utilities more urgent than ever


TO MANY a liberal, the defeat of Labour in 2019 was not just a rejection of its leadership and Brexit stance but an indictment of progressive policy altogether.

The party manifesto, which included provisions for re-nationalisation of key utilities including rail, water, energy and the postal service.

But despite the party’s crushing defeat, the idea remains popular.

A May 2022 Survation poll found that – among Red Wall voters – support for nationalisation remains sky-high, with more than 60 per cent in favour for every utility.

Any politician worth their salt should pay close attention to this. With the cost-of-living crisis worsening – and public discontent with the status quo heating up in turn – a coherent alternative is needed.

Whether Britain’s mainstream parties continue with dogmatic commitment to privatisation or turn to much needed solutions will be one of the defining issues of this parliament.

This week at Redaction

Two big elections have hit headlines over the past couple of months – in France and in Australia.

Both elections have seen incumbents facing competition amidst considerable public discontent with the cost-of-living emergency.

Our team have, of course, broken it down for you.

Australian election 2022: What key issues will be on voters’ minds?

Insurgent Liberal Party hope to upset Labor and the Coalition in the Australian election

Featured Image: Pixabay

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