The problem with the Tory Party goes far beyond Boris Johnson


BORIS Johnson was always manifestly unfit to be prime minister.

The dishonesty, the opportunism, the incompetence. Our soon-to-be former premier simply did not have the character to lead the nation – let alone at a time of national crisis.

That it took him this long to find the door out of 10 Downing Street in the face of horrifying scandal after scandal brings eternal shame upon both his office and his party.

But Johnson himself is far from the root of the problem.

As the candidates to replace Johnson begin to announce, one theme is clear – the party is reverting to type on the economy.

Talk of ‘fiscal responsibility’ for a party that inflicted a devastating and unnecessary austerity programme upon this country holds enough irony, and once again, limited government and the unleashing of market forces is set to dominate.

Make no mistake, for all the talk of ‘levelling up’ and appealing to ex-Labour voters, this is still the party of Thatcher at heart.

To avoid a repeat of the 1980s, the electorate must vote out the Conservative Party at the next election.

Labour’s current leadership is deeply flawed. Redaction Report is under little illusion that a Starmer premiership would see little meaningful change.

But the Conservative Party is as reactionary and regressive as it ever has been. After the debacle of the Johnson premiership, the Tory Party must sent a clear message by voters.

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