Meloni’s victory in Italy strengthens European Right

By Vincenzo Caccioppoli

GIORGIA Meloni will be the first woman premier of Italy in its history.

Meloni, who hails from a popular district of Rome, the Garbatella, began her political adventure 30 years ago – and it reached fulfillement yesterday with a clear victory.

The far-right candidate managed to overcome the ‘Establishment’ effort against her – almost everyone, from newspapers, TV, international media to European institutions (the German and French attempt to influence the vote was sensational, concluded a few days ago with an incredibly threatening sentence, then retracted, by the head of the European commission, Ursula Von der Leyen) .

Her consistency and clear ideology contrasts other lagging parties, especially the PD of Enrico Letta, certainly one of the great losers of these elections.

Now for the centre-right and for the Brothers of Italy, Meloni’s party, which with over 26 per cent of the vote, is opening a new phase, one that places it in front of the great and convincing challenge of governing in one of the most difficult post-war economic and geopolitical situations.

It is no coincidence that one of the first post-vote thoughts of a Meloni, on the verge of emotion in front of the great personal affirmation, was addressed to the need to find a unity of all forces to face a very complicated situation.

She now needs to govern and tackle the burden of taking her country out of a very difficult situation. As a political ‘geek’, she has been studying and preparing for this moment for months and certainly she will certainly not be found unprepared, beyond what many detractors of her say.

The large margin victory allows her to have a stable majority that can guarantee her to govern with a certain tranquillity, provided that it can be defined as calm to govern in such a context.

But those who know her well know that she is certainly not the person who can be intimidated by anything or anyone.

But if you think that she was able with a handful of loyalists to bring a party from 4 per cent to 26 per cent in five years, you can well understand how undoubtedly that Meloni, despite all her faults and the ideological danger she presents has an edge, perhaps just what it takes to lift a country who for too long has been driving with the brakes on.

Vincenzo Caccioppoli is a Rome-based journalist focusing on international politics. He is the editor of the Farefuturo foundation in international politics.

Featured Image: Vox Espana @ Wikipedia Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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