What role will Giorgia Meloni play in Italian politics?

By Vincenzo Caccioppoli

The speech to the Chamber of Deputies of the first woman premier in Italian history, was passionate and attentive that several times interrupts her with thunderous applause not only from her side but also from her opposition.

It is undeniable that for the first time in the last thirty years, the country has found an authoritative leader who comes from the electoral vote and is a politician and not a technician catapulted from above as was for his predecessor Mario Draghi, former president of the ECB.

It is bizarre as in a sort of retaliation game, just as in Italy the first woman in history was elected to lead the country, in Great Britain, the cradle of democracy as well as feminism, whose governments have often been led in the past as a woman (for seventy years she even had a queen on the throne), Truss resigned after just 45 days in Downing Street.

Instead Giorgia Meloni, leader of the first Italian party, has the intention, the courage, the temper, the majority and the authority to stay there for at least the five years of the legislature. Her speech was a leader’s speech, which immediately swept away the plemics that arose in the past on her alleged links with the old fascist regime, now buried by history.

You have gutted in no time at all what your government must do, which is there to last because that is what the sovereign people decided.

Her government program points to the next decade. She is a woman with a strong character, as well as endowed with a marked intelligence and rare leadership skills, she has always been used to fighting, in a world and in a country, still deeply male-dominated, to conquer what she has achieved.

As she said in English (she speaks three languages ​​perfectly) she is certainly not a privileged person, in a country like the Italian one in which one often makes a career only thanks to the drives and knowledge rather than thanks to merit, if you are a woman.

And it is no coincidence that you wanted to add the wording of merit to the new ministry dedicated to education. Because it is on this that a normal country, like the one she has in her head, probably since she began to make politics at 15, must lay her foundations.

That merit made it possible that the dream of making her the first woman premier in Italian history could come true. Many, first of all the former prime minister of the country Silvio Berlusconi, welcomed her decision to leave the People’s Party of Freedom exactly ten years ago to found a new party with smiles of circumstance and a pinch of irony.

She is different from everyone else, and she has not disappeared at all, but step by step she managed to help her little Brothers of Italy party to become the first force in the country.

And she must not say thanks to anyone, despite the old father of the centre-right Silvio Berlusconi has led to understand that he is always the driving force of the coalition and that she should have a say in the choice of ministers.

She went on her way even at the cost of returning to the polls, in order to achieve what was her goal of creating a government as she wanted, strong, authoritative and credible.

His strong and authoritative attitude immediately made it clear that the season of governments created thanks to compromise and mediation and that precisely because of this basic weakness they have never been able to affect much more on fiscal and economic reforms and policies that serve the country. It’s over.

The Meloni government is there to last five years but above all to put into practice those reforms necessary for a country that has not grown for over twenty years.

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Featured Image: Pixabay

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