Redaction Weekly: Protesting during a pandemic

Good evening.

Instead of offering even a symbolic olive branch, British protestors have been slammed by politicians for showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and demanding domestic justice.

The reason, as both Home Secretary Priti Patel and Health Secretary Matt Hancock explained on Friday, was to lessen the risk of infection caused by mass gatherings.

While many will defy the same politicians who appear to be bungling a report into the disproportionate effect of Covid-19 on the BAME community, others are still waiting for a condemnation of VE Day street congas and packed beaches.

New contributor Nadine Batchelor-Hunt wrote a powerful opinion piece on how the British state is as entrenched in white supremacy as our counterparts across the pond.

While Mr Trump continues to enact the police state to crush dissenters, his good friend and ally Boris Johnson appears to have extended a hand of friendship to 3million Hong Kong citizens.

Or has he?

Tim McNulty has written about the geopolitics behind Mr Johnson’s suspiciously kind citizenship offer.

Elsewhere in conservatism, Canada is gearing up for its CPC leadership election following Andrew Scheer’s resignation after the last election.

Our North American correspondent Scott Costen spoke to experts across the board about the ‘Trump effect’ happening on the Canadian right.

Turkish leader Erdogan is upping his commitment in Libya, Imogen Smith reports, in one of the most currently underreported civil wars of the Millenium.

Looking forward?

Tuesday saw Bernie Sanders perform as expected in the eight democratic primaries that took place.

Though he lost all of them, he picked up a decent amount of delegates in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, moving him closer to the 1200 mark he needs to get a ‘seat’ at the Democratic Convention table.

He’ll have another chance on Tuesday in Georgia and West Virginia to make up some ground.

On the website, we will have special reports on the Spanish UBI experiment, LGBT struggles in Asia, homelessness post-pandemic and the continually unfolding situation in Yemen.

We will also have a special op-ed from esteemed Latin America expert Professor Daniel Hellinger.

Otherwise, keep supporting justice movements around the world! If you’re in the UK, here are some organisations and causes that need your support:

UK BLM fund:

Justice for Belly Mujinga:

And Trevor Belle:

Minnesota Freedom Fund:

StopWatch, a UK charity that promotes fair and accountable policing:

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, which works with disadvantaged young people:


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Featured image: Katie Cramptom @Wikimedia Commons


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