US Election: Follow the results with Redaction Politics’ marathon live stream

VOTING has opened on the day many liberals, progressives and even some conservatives have been waiting four long years for.

Whether Donald Trump is chucked out of office is down to the whims of US voters and the peculiarities of the American electoral system.

Joe Biden continues to lead Trump by around 10 points in national polls, though many political pundits are extremely hesitant to write the president off. 

Come and join the Redaction team as we watch the key results roll in on our marathon election live stream special.

The whole event will begin at 2200 GMT/1800 ET on our YouTube page and will be raising money for Safe Passage UK – a charity who help refugees access safe and legal routes to asylum.

Your donations will help Safe Passage lawyers address the disadvantage faced by individuals and particularly unaccompanied children claiming asylum in other EU countries by providing legal services to support their requests to join their UK based family.  

You can donate by clicking here.  

Featured Image: Pixabay

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