The most significant elections to watch in 2023

From the US to Brazil and from France to the Philippines, 2022 saw a plethora of elections that grabbed headlines worldwide.

2023 is likely to be no different, with many more significant polls set to hit the news in the coming year.

Here are Redaction Report‘s picks for the elections of 2023 to watch:


Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has long dominated Turkish politics, centralising power around himself and overseeing mass democratic backsliding.

This was most apparent in the controversial referendum that saw the country transition to a presidential republic and diminished the power of parliament.

But Erdoğan’s polling has been lacklustre as of late, not least in the wake of large scale inflation,

With both parliament and the presidency up for election this year, Turks could have the opportunity to vote out the long standing leader.


It would be understandable if voters in Spain had electoral fatigue at this point. The country has been to the polls for general elections no less than four times since 2015.

2019 alone saw voters summoned to cast their ballots twice within a year as parties struggled to find a majority and consensus for rule.

Incumbent left-leaning Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has been in power for nearly five years now, having seen off his centre-right predecessor via a no confidence motion.

The last election saw a coalition formed between Sanchez’s PSOE and the more left wing Unidas Podemos, but the centre-right PP currently leads in the opinion polls.

New Zealand

Jacinda Ardern shocked the world last month by announcing her resignation. Highly popular internationally, the Labour leader had been one of the country’s most globally visible leaders for years.

That being said, her party had been floundering in the polls, with the chances of the centre-right National Party returning to power looking strong under Christopher Luxon.

Time will tell if Ardern’s successor Chris Hipkins will restore the party’s fortunes.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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