Pro-EU party to stand in Scottish elections offering voters an SNP alternative

By Declan Carey

A PRO-EUROPE party is standing in the Scottish elections in May to offer another Remain-friendly alternative which challenges Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP.

Volt UK members Stefan Diesing, 26, and Andrea Kozlowski, 25, will represent Renew Scotland on May 6 standing on a pro-European platform in Glasgow, and Mid Scotland and Fife.

Redaction Politics announced last month that Volt UK, a pan-European political movement that is standing candidates all across the continent, is supporting the Rejoin EU Party in the London Assembly election.

Leader of Volt Scotland Clemens Ziesik said: “Volt Candidates are stepping forward out of frustration at the current Holyrood parties.

“Internal arguments and childish fights are demeaning Scottish democracy. Scotland needs an alternative to the SNP and Conservatives.

“Scottish politicians should be focusing on Scotland’s future which is with Europe.

“Scotland is a country with so much potential, but our politicians are caught up in playground arguments.

“By standing with Renew Scotland, we hope that we can show Holyrood that politics can be cooperative, friendly and productive.”

Andrea Kozlowski, Renew Scotland Second Candidate in Glasgow, talks about why she is standing.

The SNP won 63 out of 129 seats in the 2016 election on a pro-independence platform, followed by the Conservatives on 31 and Labour on 24.

A recent Opinium Research poll showed Sturgeon’s party on 53 percent of the constituency vote and 44 percent of the list vote. Three percent of voters intend to vote for ‘other’ parties, which would include Renew Scotland.

In the EU Referendum in 2016, Scotland voted by 62 per cent to 38 per cent to remain in the European Union.

Both the Renew Scotland candidates are PhD students and hope to show that young people can make a difference in politics.

There are five other Renew Scotland candidates standing around the country.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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